Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year

The Liberty Singers Booster Club is looking for parents 

to be involved and volunteer to help.

The more that help the less each person has to do.  

The program thrives the more that are involved!  

We need parent contact info: phone numbers and email addresses.  

If you did not get us your info, please click the link below to go to the website and there is a survey to provide your info.

Information Survey

Please think about supporting the program.

It is with your support that we can help provide necessary equipment, musician fees and music library materials


Here is the link to the up coming events

2019 - 2020 Upcoming Events


About the Choir Program

The Liberty High School Choral program maintains a tradition of superior musical performance and positive atmosphere that places them among the leaders in the state.  This success is due to the supportive families, school, community, self-disciplined students, and friendly, organized approach to learning.  Singing in choir does not only teach the basics of vocal music, music theory, and vocal production, but also enforces self-discipline, teamwork, life skills, professionalism, and the appreciation of all types of music and art. 


Liberty Singers Booster Club

Continued support is necessary to supplement the choral department's budget.  Fundraising makes it possible to maintain accompanists and other musicians at all performances, provide additional sheet music, transportation, touring fees and a multitude of other expenses that arise.  With budget cuts in the California education system, it is imperative that we work harder than ever to provide the needs of our award winning choirs to enable them to continue.