Liberty Singers Boosters Club


2019/2020 Liberty Singers Booster Club Board of Directors





Robin Schmitt

Vice President

Suzanne Delgado


Nichele Garber


 Debbie Neely 


Directors at Large

Cindy Schmitt 

Jenny Bergqvist

Tammy Ikeoka

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Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We are similar to a booster club; raising money to supplement our choral department's budget. 

Liberty Singers Booster Club, formerly known as 80 VOLTS (Voices of Liberty Tour Singers), was established in 2002 primarily to raise funds for a tour to Washington DC after an invitation was received by our Liberty Chamber and A Cappella choirs to perform at the "National Festival of the States" to represent the State of California.  Then director, Susan Stuart, led the students for that first tour in 2003. Stuart retired in 2011 and now Laura Carreon carries on the tradition of excellence! 

Liberty Singers Booster Club continued to support bi-annual choir tours to various locations including New York, Great Britain and most recently in June 2015 to Rome, Italy to perform with the Music Celebrations international music festival directed by Z. Randall Stroop.

In 2004, Liberty Singers Booster Club took over the annual expense of providing the choral department with an accompanist as well as covering additional expenses such as performance attire, music, busing, touring fees and a multitude of other expenses that arise.  With the recent budget cuts in the California education system, it is imperative that we work harder than ever to provide the needs of our award winning choirs to enable them to continue.